Client: Uber
Creative Director: PJ Richardson
Producer: Chris Engle
Initial Design: Adriana Mora Martinez
Animation, Texture, and Lighting: Joel Berroteran, Pedro Murteira, Joel Thomas, Peter Garay

Produced by Laundry

Uber wanted to celebrate the milestones their customers reach in a new way. Traditionally, when you use Uber for 4 years for instance, you get an email of appreciation. To bolster these accomplishments, they came up with the idea of bring those milestones to life visually. Depending on the milestone, that particular monument will be sent to you as a number to brighten your day.

Our task was to help bring these to life, our first step was to do lighting, texturing and look dev. We then began animating each monumental number by following our hero car through a series of different shots to then revealing the monumental numbers.