Ready and Waiting (2/5)


My goal was to bring awareness of the injustice resulting from the justice system. The system creates a loophole, or a sense of feeling trapped, regardless of your position. Victims of the loophole are those who are coerced to falsely testify, get incarcerated due to discrimination, regardless of evidence, or are victims of a crime and find the verdict to be dissatisfying. And all the while families and communities feel the effect of the vicious loophole to where society becomes numb from the overwhelming piles of unjust cases, bringing a sense of hopelessness to the never-ending injustice. And though justice can be served, there is still of sense of failure and loss of time from a system that is suppose to protect us. Laws created out of fear perpetuates ignorance and leads to injustice for all. 

Art Direction, Design: Joel Berroteran
Collaboration, Contributor: Abigail Berroteran