Ready and Waiting (4/5)

Deciphering Pursuit

My goal is to inspire those with a driving passion to pursue their dreams.                                         
Where I grew up, being a first generation Latino meant few opportunities to break out of the expected career path. Students were accustomed to go into the workforce after high school rather than exploring possibilities with education to follow their dreams. I am fortunate to have support from those who pushed me to not follow expectations and to go into unknown territory. Nonetheless, a major factor has been my faith in God, who has allowed me to encounter my educational and professional journey.  I do, however, appreciate that in my years of schooling I discovered other interests, such as in History and Music, which continues to influence my creativity today.
Because I entered into this path not knowing what to expect, I now know that breaking out of the mold is an option. Where tools for success are most accessible in this day in age, constructing a flourishing path is achievable. I believe we discover opportunities by following our passion, and with determination we become resilient, which allows us to create our own definition of success.

Art Direction, Design:
Joel Berroteran
Collaboration, Contributor: Abigail Berroteran